Monday, October 10

henry hargreaves.

I have a weakness for food photography. 

 Scrap that. Lets call it a strength. A passion! An indulgence... 

Sometimes nothing feels more delectably permissive than to allow myself a soft chair and a few well chosen cookbooks to feast my eyes upon. Oh yes indeed, aesthetic appreciation co-mingles with pure lust upon those sweet pages; pages which can satisfy both a taste for composition and the fantasies of uneaten delights.

And while I do usually tend for favor those portraits with a more rustic, realistic semblance, I am just as easily seduced by the ridiculous, the colourful, the dramatic or the whimsical. Well, this time it's probably just the colourful. Colour is the best. Always. I'm a total sucker. 

Anyway, there's many a hyper-glossy questionably-real food-as-art photo floating around out there and most of them do make you feel a bit ill. But these ones made me dribble. Just a little.

Check out Mr. Hargreaves' website for his excellent collection of shots on a variety of subjects, including, to his credit, a few "rustic" suppers (and by that I mean meat and potatoes and wooden tables. The good stuff.).

[Images ©  Henry Hargraves. via Dripbook]

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