Wednesday, February 29

just a thought. [crazy bicycle]

Bloody brilliant. Designed by Van Hulsteijn in the Netherlands. (of course.)

Remind anyone of these? That's right! Multidimensional trend alert!!

Saturday, February 25

john hinde: postcards.

And I'll have to stop there because I could, in all honestly, keep uploading images of John Hinde's exquisite postcards for the rest of the afternoon. A recent discovery of mine, this master of lush travelogue photography and holiday fantasy-making was just unbelievably productive in the 50s, 60s and 70s. He set up a studio in Dublin in 1956 (after working as a circus manager... no biggie) and went on to take literally thousands of photographs, which not only revolutionized the tourist industry in place like Ireland or the English seaside, but codified an image for the British public of various "exotic" places all over the world.

And still, just as seductive today as they ever were.

Read my full article here.

And go traipsing the globe with Mr. Hinde here.

Sunday, February 19

jim kazanjian.

Jim Kazanjian is amazing. He shared his work with me after reading something I wrote about the equally phantasmagorical Pablo Genoves. Jim's what you'd call a "composite" artist - i.e. one who makes photo-like images from loads of other photos.

I've just made that term up, actually. I could have said collage, but it wouldn't sound as cool as "composite artist", now would it?  That's right.

Considering he sites H.P. Lovecraft as his #1 influence, this makes my need to read The Thing on the Doorstep all the more pressing. Off to Foyles then!

Read the It's Nice That article here

Jim's website here. .

Saturday, February 18

just a thought. [lianna la havas]

So last night in Casa de 103b I cursed a bruised wrist (bicycle accident. bastards.), drank some red wine, and then Benoir asked the ever potent question: "so what's the best new album of the year so far?" Much enthusiastic discussion ensued but I remain steadfast in my convictions - Ms. la Havas is pure gold. Discovering her made me feel like that creepy old man who wanders the beach with a metal detector when it finally starts going off. And here at The Galleon we love a bit of found treasure, so prick up your Saturday morning ears and relish the good stuff.

No seriously, it's almost too good.

From la Blogotheque:

From Black Cab Sessions:

Lianne La Havas from Black Cab Sessions on Vimeo.

Not too shabby:

Saturday, February 11

chris engman.

What are you up to, Chris Engman?
Ceci 'nest pa une pipe you say, Chris Engman!
Well what is it then, Chris Engman?!

I think I like your work, Chris Engman.

an american thing.

There are some things America does not do well.
But there are some things we do do well.
And when we do 'em well, we do 'em real well.

This is one of those things.

found via collect magazine.