Saturday, February 25

john hinde: postcards.

And I'll have to stop there because I could, in all honestly, keep uploading images of John Hinde's exquisite postcards for the rest of the afternoon. A recent discovery of mine, this master of lush travelogue photography and holiday fantasy-making was just unbelievably productive in the 50s, 60s and 70s. He set up a studio in Dublin in 1956 (after working as a circus manager... no biggie) and went on to take literally thousands of photographs, which not only revolutionized the tourist industry in place like Ireland or the English seaside, but codified an image for the British public of various "exotic" places all over the world.

And still, just as seductive today as they ever were.

Read my full article here.

And go traipsing the globe with Mr. Hinde here.

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