Saturday, February 18

just a thought. [lianna la havas]

So last night in Casa de 103b I cursed a bruised wrist (bicycle accident. bastards.), drank some red wine, and then Benoir asked the ever potent question: "so what's the best new album of the year so far?" Much enthusiastic discussion ensued but I remain steadfast in my convictions - Ms. la Havas is pure gold. Discovering her made me feel like that creepy old man who wanders the beach with a metal detector when it finally starts going off. And here at The Galleon we love a bit of found treasure, so prick up your Saturday morning ears and relish the good stuff.

No seriously, it's almost too good.

From la Blogotheque:

From Black Cab Sessions:

Lianne La Havas from Black Cab Sessions on Vimeo.

Not too shabby:

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