Tuesday, June 12

nick brandt.

Nick Brant has been a toast of the world of wildlife photography since 2004, with his "haunting", "regal" and "mysterious" shots of African beasts delighting the critics of Conde Nast Traveler, Time Magazine and others, regularly topping annual photo-book awards lists. Even Jane Goodall is a fan.

And fair dues - though Mr. Brant is in no short supply of horn tooters, he's worth noting if only for the pleasureful stretch of time you're apt to spend lost in his sensuous, aphotic, highly accomplished portfolio of Africa-noir.

With a romanticist's spacial awareness, reverence for the subject and an uncanny knack for seemingly happening upon improbably perfect moments of Pride Rock-esque wildlife poignancy... well Brant, you got it going on.

Website here.

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