Sunday, June 17

umit bektas: olympic diets.

Nur Tatar - Taekwondo

Elif Jale Yesilirmak - Wrestling

Faith Avan - Javelin

Mete Binay - Weightlifting

Merve Aydin - Track

Five Turkish athletes' daily diet laid out in all their calorific glory in this amusing, well presented series from photographer Umit Bektas. Such pleasingly concise arrangements neatly invoke the regimentation inherent in an athlete's lifestyle. From taekwondo to wrestling to track and field - you're wont to find spontaneous chili cheese fries here. Not necessarily jealous, but enthralled none-the-less.

Like the semi-guilty pleasure of poking through a stranger's fridge, it's fun to note consistencies like fruit, eggs and water, plus quirks like baklava, freakish amounts of milk and those things that look suspiciously like condoms (but are probably energy supplements....)

Umit Bektas' blog here.

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