Friday, June 1

london festival of photography.

Hurrah huzzah! It’s the first of the month and that means oh so many things. We are officially…

48 hours away from well wishing the Queen, or at least downing a G&T on her behalf,

8 hours away from finishing work and getting on with the serious business of a bank holiday weekend,

4 hours away from lunch,

and 0 hours away from the opening of the London Festival of Photography!

Formally known as the London Street Photography Festival, the London Festival of Photography began last year as a showcase of strictly candid “street” snaps. But having since dismantled these constraints (well, only slightly - the emphasis is still on documentary photography) from that ashes of LSPF has risen the even more inclusive LPF! With 18 exhibitions taking place around London for the next month, (plus 30 satellite events like workshops, talks and screenings) LPF looks dead good.

So let’s LeaPForjoy! 
A preview of a few of the exhibitions:

Frederick Wilfred 

Steve Bloom

The Great British Public 

The Gaddafi Archives - Lybia Before the Arab Spring  

Kurt Tong 

Simon Roberts

The London Festival of Photography will be hosted at various venues from 1st June - 31st. Details on their website here.

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