Monday, February 18

jonas unger: gérard depardieu

Jonas Unger takes incredible portraits of everyone. But this series of actor/Loire louche/passport carrying Putinite Gérard Depardieu - from 2010 - are pretty cream of the Jersey milk bottle.

Unger's photographs were used to illustrate a story in this week's New Yorker: Lauren Collins on Depardieu "parting ways" with his home country after the government introduced the  ("largely symbolic") seventy-five-percent "supertax" on the wealthy. A nuanced and thoroughly enjoyable essay on celebrity, the power of words, French politicians, brute eroticism - brilliant. Please do read.

Jonas Unger's website here.

Update: New Yorker's Photo Booth blog posted this little interview with Unger...

I arrived just before breakfast in the courtyard of the old service quarters at his château in Saumur, France. It was a nice, sunny Sunday morning. He greeted me from the balcony, standing there in his underwear. When I asked him if he was O.K. with me taking a picture of him and he agreed, I knew that it was going be a great story, and that I would capture something special.

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