Thursday, December 29

vanessa conyers.

So we're back from Christmas shenanigans, i.e.sleeping-in late, drinking too much wine, dancing after multiple course meals, and ripping open DVD's that were intended gifts for your mother but which you've actually purchased so that you could spend six nights on the couch "borrowing" them...

Ah yes, Christmastime. It's a time when most people spend endless hours shopping, sifting through potential presents with a voracity unmatched by any other purchase-based occasion. That is unless we count Black Friday... but that's another story.

Anyway, I looked through a lot of lovely things over the holidays, but I'd have to say that amongst all of those beautiful bits and bobs there was something that really stuck out, and that was the work of Vanessa Conyers. You see, not only does Miss. Conyers possess my childhood fantasy-name (at age eight I compromised by asking my parents if I could at least change my middle name to said "Vanessa"), she's also got a knack for hand-crafting delicate, witty and confoundedly lovely ceramic pieces. Knack would actually be a bit of an understatement, considering this is some of the most cray-cray pottery I've ever seen, and I mean "cray" in a really good way. I imagine Wonderland's Mad Hatter would cast a lusty eye over one or two of these tea sets...

Innovative and with exquisite attention to detail, this Dorset based artist is really worth a look. She even runs a pottery studio and workshops to help introduce people to "the magical world of ceramics". Sweet! Check out her beautiful website here.

all images © Vanessa Conyers

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