Friday, August 24

aurelien juner.

Aurelien Juner’s Surface series is a wickedly subversive take on the fashion glossy – mixed medium, 3D collage pieces, photographed to perfection, witty and provocative.

Maybe it’s the whole perfect/imperfect thing, maybe it’s just the joy of seeing a cheap cheeseburger so perfectly plunked on the corner of Vogue, but these really do it for me.  

For all the easy pleasure that fashion spreads afford, Juner is pleasingly adroit at articulating the more cerebral side of his work. As he puts it:

"Surface is a personal photographic réflexion on the function of fashion magazine as a medium of dissemination of "mass culture" images and its relation to reality - questioning the status of the fictional world and idealized created for the magazine, and its relationship to the real world where the image is built."

Visual punch with underlying social commentary. Yes please!  

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Found via It's Nice That

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