Tuesday, September 4

yago hortal.

Sometimes, old fondnesses demand recollection. Old thrills need revisiting. The true trial of a delight is not just it's momentary pleasure, but whether it draws you back after a stretch of time - like a forgotten spot by a favorite river.

Yago Hortal's extraordinary, heart-felt, head-spinning abstractions are just that very brand of delight. They trended around the world of trend-savvy sites for a period of months, passed from one to another like a great novel, exciting everyone. But I didn't hear much of Hortal after that.

I'm sure out there, somewhere, the world keeps turning and Yago keeps painting. I hope we hear from him soon. In the meantime, here's some fresh acknowledgement of a talent that continues to thrill.

Website here.

And an excellent interview with the man himself here.

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