Tuesday, December 6

avishai sivan.


Winter's here.

Gloves are mandatory and an impending "arctic blast" made the morning paper's headlines. Too bad the boiler's broken. My mood is grim and perhaps that's why today my mind tends towards the bleak and the bleary. Screw cheery, give me discomfort and darkness.

Good for today is Avishai Sivan. An illustrator I first noticed at a Vyner Street gallery whose name I'll never remember, Sivan hails from Israel and has been exhibiting for almost a decade. His works stretch across a range of mediums that includes film, Polaroid, and illustration. But it's the latter that lingers most; tormented, sinister portraits of life, sex, and human interaction in all its heavy, rolling, bleeding, vacant glory. Often painted onto old maps or punctured with throw-away bricolage, these are the kind of images that make you feel sad about life, it's imperfections and it's violence. But glad you had the courage to look it in the face.

Surreal and scary. Perfect in bed with a mug 'a tea and someone to remind you that everything is ok.

Eric and Miranda.
USA Pussy.

Sleep 2002.

Find More: http://www.avishaisivan.com/index.html

all images ©  Avishai Sivan

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