Thursday, May 10

guido mocafico.

Guido Mocafico is an Italian photographer, living in Switzerland, and working in Paris. He is also one seriously committed dude. His latest undertaking, Stilleven, saw him painstakingly reconstruct classical oil paintings from Dutch and German masters, recreating their suptuous scenes of floral opulence and tabletop butchery with an inspired, almost maniacal reverence for minutia. 

But the result, however exhaustive, are these photographs - exceptional works that retain an everyday-objects-gone-ominous, claustrophobic fruity darkness that would have made Giuseppe Arcimboldo proud. It’s an ethos of perfectionism and clean composition that he’s applied with relish to a number of studies including snakes, clocks, hand guns and thousanddollar bills. Props, Mr. Mocafico. 

Devour his website here

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