Thursday, March 1

penique productions.

Ridiculously likeable work from Penique Productons.

This motley crew of Barcelona boys basically cart themselves around in a pick-up truck, taking over building sites with their large scale flash-mob parachutes which then inflate, suction-blanketing various interiors with a layer of super-bright colour (a bit like The Blob, actually.)

Here's what they have to say for themselves:

The projects include the creation of colored inflatable completely occupied spaces erected by others, giving them a new identity. A simplification of the space that unifies the forms and textures, creating a different atmosphere. The balloons are constructed from regular patterns and adjust to the specific characteristics of each location. It works the relationship between fullness and emptiness, creating a dialogue with the space temporarily inhabits.

Pointless you say? Nahh. These guys have pretty much proved to me that you can spend your life doing whatever the hell you want.

Website here.

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