Tuesday, March 6

valero doval.

Just one of many a fantastic series from the magical mind of Valero Doval - a man who punctuates his name with hearts [no seriously, he signs off with "(♥_♥)"] and appropriates old maps, prints, and postcards to make wonderful collages. Using the world's abundant surplus of antiquated print matter Valero explores what a little integration of colour and form will do to a landscape. 

There's a definite enthusiasm for geometry and a fondness for eggs going on here. These funny shapes sit like despots in their little courtyards, street corners and factory halls. Doesn't it make you happy? Just look at them all, interacting and enjoying one another. Who says the industrial workhouse was a dreary place? Stop winging, little shoemakers. 

As I've said Doval is a creature of diverse but equally fantastical habits. I would highly recommend Planes to anyone with even a vague interest in the intersection of commercial airlines and black holes.

Valero's website here

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