Tuesday, July 24

alain vonck.

Parisian graphic designer Alain Vonck seems puzzled by the internet (then again, who isn't). But like any good thinker, he knows that the path to most answers usually begins with a question.

"What remains from the early days of the World Wide Web?" he ponders with his project Ruins.

On the revival of GIF culture, he probes: "Why this sudden interest in designing, posting and sharing these files on internet and social networks?" (spoiler - connections are drawn between GIFs and silent films in his project Fat Boy Get Down)
And later, on the topic of the virtual pile-up of personal data, he solicits: "Personal data are omnipresent on the web, but at the same time invisible... How come these data have such an impact, such perennial value for our physical and virtual identities?

Lofty queries indeed, but his worthy excavations of the internet's geo(il)logical strata may help to unscramble thing a bit. Or at least make complex thought look a little more scrumptious.

Peruse more from Alain Vonck here.

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