Saturday, July 21

mark lazenby.

What I love about collage is that it is - in essence - nothing "new". Rooted firmly in the recycled, the reconstituted, the collage artist makes preexisting forms into something fresh. Collage is a medium which must first address what is at hand before proceeding. It adheres to the sort of bricolage technique a clever cook utilizes upon opening her hodgepodge cupboard. How to marry unlike items into seamless dishes that delight...! surprise...! tantalize...!

The idiosyncrasy of unexpected combinations is the cheap thrill of most collage, and a fine line separates those who do it well from those who do it wonderfully. Mark Lazenby does it wonderfully. I've long been a fan of his retro-suffused creations that reek of charm and cryptic, comical narrative. This enormously talented individual deserves a few moments of your attention. 

Knock about his website here.

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