Tuesday, September 27

finally... fish bar.

It lurked behind closed curtains for months, but the mysteries of Fish Bar have at last been revealed. Turns out this ex-chippie is now home to an exhibition space co-run by photographers Philipp Ebeling and Olivia Arthur.Its a well presented, open gallery whose stained wood walls, exposed white brick and back-lit ceilings speak to the rustic minimalism of its creators own photographic aesthetic.   

Their inaugural show is Father and Son, a double feature comprised of works by Indian-born Pablo Bartholomew and the amateur photographs of his father, Richard. It’s a surprisingly compelling project, with Pablo’s photographs capturing his voracious youth in 70’s Delhi, and his father’s languid portraits of artist friends and family life two decades earlier providing a poignant narrative of kinship. 

It’s all very bohemian and really quite a treat. Click here for Pablo's own photographs of the show.  

Find Fish Bar at

all images ©  Pablo Bartholomew

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