Tuesday, September 27


I remember coming across these works by Atlanta-based duo Amy Flurry and Nikki Salk a few months back.

I was tickled with delight. Their whimsical paper-cut fashion wigs ticked all my boxes: imaginative, absurd, elegant, exquisite. It was all "yums" and "yeses" and gasps of surprise as I flicked through their creative compendium.  Fueled, in their own words, by an "appreciation of the grace and nuance of this humble material", these constructions felt like a true celebration of the page; arts and crafts on the next next level.

Looking at them again now, I'm still marveling at the sheer wonder of these head-topping arrangements. Using only the plain white sheet the girls have achieved Brancusi-esque cranial sculptures that twist, lift, and blossom with gravity defying articulateness. Some glisten like the hard laquered shell of a beetle, others resemble the teetering excess of a freshly piped wedding cake. Their animal themed masquerade pieces are also worth noting for their exceptional scissor skills.

Ahhh, now this is what I love about design. Where I see a potential grocery list, others see this stuff. Fantastic.

With completed collections for Hermes, Cartier and Katie Spade, these two are well on their way to some deserved recognition. Do take some time to explore their lovely website, itself an observance of the pleasing simplicity of white and black.

Visit Paper-Cut-Project: http://www.paper-cut-project.com/main.html

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