Wednesday, September 21

nail art at the sassoon gallery // vyner street.

Stassja Mrozinski

When your first thought is fake nails, your second thought might be cat fights, bitch slaps, or sassy gossip. Well that’s exactly what went down ‘round London the past few weeks in the world of high brow low brow artistic fusions, with two London galleries scrambling for the honour of curating the first ever show of contemporary nail design.

The under-the-radar Sassoon Gallery at the heart of shellac-savvy Peckham did manage to open a week before Vyner Street heavyweights DegreeArt got their “Nailphilia” on display in time for fashion week... but hey! We'll not let such quibbling get in the way! Everyone put their claws away in the end and celebrated what really mattered, the dirty great boatload of fierce talons on offer at both locations. Two fabulously presented shows that put the emphasis on what really matters. HOT NAILS.

Standouts included works such as:

Jiggery Pokery
Garudio Studiage

Nicky Carvell

Nicky Carvell

Sam Biddle

Sue Marsh
Sue Marsh

Sophie Harris-Greenslade

Nailphilia, Fashion Nails
Sophie Hanson


Sassoon Gallery. 213 Blenheim Grove. Peckham. SE15 4QL

Degree Art. 12A Vyner St, London E2 9DG

[ all photos taken by Charlotte ]

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