Tuesday, January 10

brian froud.

Trying to contain myself, but this is a pretty big deal.

check it.

Yup that's right, in the near future we will potentially be graced with a graphic novel version of The Labryrinth, which we could pretty solidly say was the best children's film ever made. (Not to mention this will also include a further immortalisation of David Bowie's timeless fashion-mullet-sporting, tight-champagne-legging-wearing, tri-crystal-ball-spinning King Jareth. Not that you needed it, Mr. Bowie. You know you're a legend).  Best news of all is that the infamous Brian Froud is again taking the reigns, steering character design and development for what will probably be the most anticipated graphic novel of the next year.

In case you are unfamiliar Mr. Froud is the illustrator behind not only the original Labyrinth film, but other such gems as The Dark Crystal, Mythic Journeys and pretty much anything Jim Henson ever made. His fearlessly fantastical characters are the very definition of an entire genre of weird, wonderful, and ever so slightly macabre children's films. The assurance of his involvement solidifies the noble intentions of this project in much the same way Alan Lee's appointment as art director for The Lord of the Rings films cemented the fact that they were going to rock.  Upon re-reading, I believe that might be the nerdiest sentence I've ever written. But no shame. No shame.

Brian Froud's website: www.worldoffroud.com

via the guardian.

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