Thursday, January 12

maurizio anzeri.

It's been two years since I first saw Mr. Anzeri's very bizzare, very likable work. Actually perhaps not entirely likeable, did show this to someone the other day who I believe was thoroughly creeped out. Little children, sewn up heads, I get it.

Well for some reason this stuff's still on my radar and each time I come back to it I like it more. Amazing isn't it, the way a few lines can change the whole character of a face - surreal, broody, vengeful, forlorn, obscure.

 In case you are unsure, each of Maurizio's found-photographs are stitched directly onto with thread. Needlepoint certainly isn't the most masculine of crafts, but I find him all the more affable for just that reason. I imagine him in a thimble. Nay, an Italian thimble! Classy.

He's also recently completed a collaborative effort with Dazed and Confused magazine (not too shabby).  Frankly it's just great. Scroll down and enjoy.

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