Thursday, April 5

us: benga, i will never change.

Circa age seven I started a band called Us. We were just two, me and my gal pal Lucy, and we thought we were pretty darn clever, coming up with such a succinct moniker. Sadly our musical repertoire was limited to song about Hello Kitty and co., and within the month we had disbanded.

Us, the London-based design/direction studio, are doing much better. Christopher Barrett and Luke Taylor met while studying at Kingston University, and since setting up shop in 2007 (with my same clever idea of naming it after a descriptive pronoun, do I smell a psychic connection?!) they've seen a number of awards including Best New Directors at the MVA's.

Have a gawk over this latest film, a music promo for Benga featuring the track I Will Never Change. The duo had ambitions to cut vinyl into various sizes, replicating a SoundCloud style waveform - and 960 records, 30 hours of animation and lots of math later, this happened:

I'd say, job well done.

Great article on Creative Review here.

Us' website here.

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