Sunday, April 8

egg art.

So today is Easter and all that jazz, and I thought how better to ring it in than with a little showcase of the joyfully quixotic world of egg artistry. It's a pastime that dates most famously back to 19th century House of Fabergé  in Russia, but who can say how long mankind has been diddling with it's hard-boileds? Probably forever.

Modern practitioners range from the humorous...

 (see more here)

To the unbelievably intricate...

 (70-year old Slovenian artist Franc Grom has been drilling into shells for 18 years - see more here)

To the deliriously kitsch and opulent....

 (Fahra Sayeed is a "pioneer in promoting egg art in India". See more here)

 There's even an International Egg Art Guild, whose archive of annual "egg artisan" exhibitions I would highly recommend. 

And of course there's The Big Egg Hunt (presented by the fabulous Fabergé, naturally) going on all round London town as we speak.

The point being - there is just so much bloomin' egg art out there which goes far beyond the usual Easter fare. Seems like we'll never be satisfied just to scramble 'em - so go get crackin' (apologies) and revel in the knowledge that to be human is to turn food into art, but never to consider it unnecessary.

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