Thursday, April 19

james nudd: love the lips.

We all have our obsessions. Some of us chose to keep them on the DL (down low) while others are a bit more forthcoming. James Nudd freely admits a childhood fascination with plump, lipstick-coated mouths as the starting point for a lifelong lust for something bigger, glossier, more impactful.

“I wanted fiberglass, automotive paint, and clear coats,” the artist declares. “I wanted big, bold, colorful, glistening, exciting, mysterious, sexy lips. I wanted to do sculpture.”

And sculpt he did.

Such single minded fantasizing could be a turn-off if his sculptures had not turned out as they did: visually pleasing parodies of pouts that provoke a reaction somewhere between allure and the distaste of excess.

Such wet, glistening articulations of the oral form are all the more pleasing for their exaggeration and uniformity, as if each pair were plucked from the same pulp-novel-reading, hair-curler-sporting, red-Chevy-driving blow up doll.

James Nudd's website here.  

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