Thursday, April 26

susanna majuri.

Looking at the work of Sussana Majuri is like recalling childhood trips to a natural history museum, a place where falsified realities told marvelous tales. 

You walk into the grand museum hall. Transfixed as you are by the spectacle in front of you, you mustn’t believe it’s real. Elephants loom large amongst spindle legged African storks that do not fly, surrounded by tall grass that does not grow. In another corner a frosty bear tears shreds from a salmon by a mute woodland stream, and in yet another corner a big bald eagle spreads his haughty wings while stuffed sparrows look on. All these tableaus, frozen in time, set scenes for our pleasure behind a pane of glass. So much more than a parody of the natural world - better to call it a half told truth, a version of life whose soul is made up of imaginary actions. 

Majuri’s photos perform a similar trick on two-dimensional surfaces, making fantasy worlds from real images, placing the emphasis on narrative and fiction. 

What a strange and beautiful use of water and bodies, no? Taking my mind in all sorts of funny directions right now, that’s for sure.

Enjoy more of this Helsinki-born babe’s work here.

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